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Contact lenses are a great option for motivated patients of all ages who desire less dependence on eyeglasses for social, sport, and everyday wear.
Dr. McHale has been prescribing contact lenses since the 80's. Despite the sophisticated contact lenses of today, Dr. McHale asserts that, more than other forms of vision correction, success with contact lens wear requires open communication between the patient and doctor.
The patient's motivation, expectations, and visual task demands should be clearly delineated and updated at each visit. Patients need to be educated periodically regarding lens maintenance, wear schedule, and emerging lens technologies as they apply to their eyes.
High prescriptions, astigmatism, bifocal, eye color augmentation, are all possible with today's convenient, cost effective, and healthy contact lens options!
Patients new to contact lenses are thoroughly instructed on the care, wear, insertion and removal, and trouble shooting of lenses prior to dispensing.
Call the office for a no obligation new wearer's evaluation.
Experienced wearers can take advantage of our comprehensive contact lens services, including lens ordering, problem solving, manufacturer's rebates, and ship to home options on year's supply purchases.
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