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Comprehensive Eye Examinations
A comprehensive eye examination includes:
  • patient medical and eye histories
  • refraction – determines any eyeglass prescription
  • Medical eye evaluation – tests for glaucoma, cataract, macular degeneration, dry eye, allergic eye disorders, etc.
  • Binocular evaluation - tests efficiency of eye teaming and focusing.
  • Summary, patient education, and Recommendations
Dilation of the pupils is performed frequently to allow a more detailed evaluation of the back of the eye (retina).
Contact lens Fit and follow – up
Contacts need to be professionally fit to ensure eye health and optimum vision. Dr. McHale has been fitting contact lenses since the mid 1980's! Yearly follow-up is essential to head off undesirable potential allergic, mechanical, or physiological, complications.
Emergency and red eye evaluations
Most "red eyes" are alarming to the patient but not sight threatening. A majority of red eye cases can be handled "in office" more effectively than at an ER.
Dry eye Evaluations
This important cause of eye discomfort can be diagnosed and treated in one or two office visits.
Diabetic eye examinations
Persons with diabetes absolutely NEED at least yearly dilated eye exams. A summary of your exam will be forwarded to your endocrinologist.
Computer eye strain relief
There are tests specific for computer vision syndrome (CVS) and tailor made eyeglass lenses for the patient with eye strain or frontal headache due to today's computer centered jobs.
Laser Vision Correction
Are you a candidate? Pre surgical evaluation, referral, and post surgical follow up are all coordinated through the office. Dr . Mchale has 16 years LASIK co-management experience with the area's best LASIK surgeons.
Prescription Problem Solving
Are your glasses just not right? There are lots of variables especially in higher prescriptions and progressive bifocals. An accurate refraction and close inspection of your current eyeglasses will often provide a solution.
Surgical/Medical Referral
Clarify your options regarding cataract surgery, cosmetic lid and lash procedures, macular degeneration, LASIK, PRK and others. Dr. McHale has longstanding relationships with the best eye specialists and ophthalmic surgeons in the Boston area.
Sports and Safety Eyewear
There is a frame and vision enhancing option for just about every sport enthusiast. Polarized fishing lenses. Tinted shooting sports lenses. Golf lenses that change with available light.
Safety wear is more likely to be worn with a precise prescription, correct sizing, and expert adjustment. We welcome the opportunity to help solve your company's eye protection needs.
Low Vision Evaluation
If conventional eyeglasses can no longer help with reading or other fine visual tasks, you may benefit from a low vision evaluation. Dr. McHale completed a year long hospital based residency in low vision rehabilitation at the VA in Boston.
Registry of Motor Vehicles, School, Military Eye Exams
You leave with forms filled out properly and in duplicate.
School Readiness screenings
Eye hand coordination, eye tracking, color perception, focus, eye teaming are all important for efficient learning. School aged children should be screened in Kindergarten or the summer before first grade.
Computerized Visual Field Analysis
Essential testing for glaucoma suspects, stroke victims, pituitary gland problems, etc.
Eyeglass Boutique
Quality fashion eyewear from casual to ultra formal for everyday prices! Great second pair choices are prescription sunglasses, safety glasses, computer glasses, prescription swim masks, or ski goggles. We feature the finest optical quality lens designs from Varilux, Zeiss, and Hoya.
Wheelchair friendly exam Room
A dedicated exam room for wheel chair bound patients. The building has a ramp, elevator, and handicapped designated parking.
New Styles!
Shop our collection of styles which include, OP, Izod, Banana Republic and more
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